Byte. Snack. Meal.
The New Business of Storytelling.
by Nick Bilton

Byte. Snack. Meal., a new book by Nick Bilton, will explore the changing landscape of the storytelling world including newspapers, books, blogs, television, movies, advertising and social media such ash Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google+.

Society has entered an interregnum, and what appears on the other side is being decided by the consumers. For them, immediacy trumps quality and length. These are the new navigators. Consumivores — collectively rummaging, distributing, consuming and regurgitating content in byte-size pieces.

This book explores the affects our bite-sized culture is having on our brains -- looking at key research taking place in neuroscience and memory labs around the world. We also explore the new narrative that is being formed at unabridged speeds around us, and when we look 2 to 20 year out, how it will effect the entire business of storytelling.

The website for Byte. Snack. Meal. (also Bite. Snack. Meal. ) will be updated with video interviews, mobile content, research papers and book related content as the project moves forward. To be notified of these updates, or a final release date for the book, please submit your email address below.

Thank you.

(Book Publisher: Crown/Random House - Expected release, June 2010)

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